KC's aticles

Here are some selected works from KC. You can reach his medium page for more.

Reach KC at kctam@ledgertech.biz

Demonstration of Invoice financing with Hyperledger Fabric (Link)

Implementation of notarization with Hyperledger Fabric (Link)

ERC725 and ERC735: identity and claim used for token and crowdfunding (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

A companion guide to "Real World Crowdsale Contracts" (Link)

Notarization in blockchain (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Understand template, contract and transaction in DAML (Link)

Test Algorand with CLI goal (Link)

Understand blockchain frameworks: Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric (Link)

Start learning blockchain (Link)

Blockchain and the challengers (Link)

In what we trust (Link)

Setup a fabric host in AWS EC2 (v1.4)

Multi-host Raft-based setup (v1.4, v2)

An implementation of API with Fabcar application (v1.4, v2)

Add a peer to Test Network (v2)

Add an orderer to a running raft-based orderer cluster (v1.4)

Peer-owned orderer deployment (v1.4)

Recovery of a peer node in fabric network (v1.4)

Add an organization to a running fabric network (v1.4)

Remove an organization from a running fabric network (v1.4)

A multi-node setup with Kafka cluster (v1.4)

A three-node two-channel setup (v1.4)

A multi-channel setup (v1.4)

Observing channel and chaincode (v2)

System channel and application channel (v2)

Transaction validation when a peer committing a block (v2)

Transaction in Hyperledger Fabric (v1.4)

State tampering and how endorsement policy helps (v1.4)

Use First Network to observe behaviour of gossip (Link)

From First Network to Test Network (v2)

First Network (v1.4, Part 1, Part 2, Illustration)

Test Network script walkthrough (v2)

Chaincode operation: Lifecycle chaincode (v2)

Change of endorsement policy with lifecycle chaincode (v2)

Chaincode invoke and query (v1.4)

Chaincode extension in peer organization (v2)

Chaincode containers implementation comparison (Link)

Chaincode endorsement policy change and chaincode upgrade (v2)

Chaincode dealing with state in ledger: PutSate and GetState (v1.4, Part 1, Part 2)

Data privacy: comparison between channel and private data (v1.4)

Private data collection policy: members-only read and write (v2)

Private data collection policy: add/remove organization from policy (v2)

Private data and transient data (v2)

Private data: Implicit Private Data Collection (v2)

Access Private data from an organization outside policy with Implicit Private Data Collection (v2)

Deep Dive into Fabcar (v1.4)

Fabric CA Operations Guide (v1.4, v2)

TLS in Hyperledger Fabric (v2)

Two typical setups using Fabric CA Server: self-generated RCA and an ICA given (v2)

Two ways to generate crypto materials: using cryptogen and using Fabric CA Server (v2)

Explore Fabric CA: registration and enrollment (v1.4)

Identity in Hyperledger Fabric (v1.4, Part 1, Part 2)

Exploring Hyperledger Indy with indy-dev example (Link)

Demonstration of Agent in Hyperledger Indy (prior Aries) (Link)

Demonstration of Hyperledger Aries Cloud Agent (Link)

Use dapp.tools for contract development (Link) and develop a market place contract (Link)

First attempt on Vyper (Link)

Explore an ERC20 Token contract (Link)

Transactions in Ethereum (Link)

Explore non fungible token ERC721 with Zeppelin library (Link)

Explore private transactions in Quorum (Link)

The Best Tools for Smart Contract Development in Ethereum (Part 1, Part 2)

First Attempt on Vyper (Link)

Wallet and User Account (Introduction, Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEM, IOTA)

Ethereum and NEM: Two Different Approaches for Blockchain Application Development (Link)

How Fund Transfer is Done (Bitcoin, IOTA)

User Account in Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTA (Link)

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